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How to Change the Future of Your Funeral Home with a Laser

It’s no secret that the funeral industry is experiencing massive disruption. Between the change in social norms, new technology entering the marketplace, and Baby Boomers driving the way of the industry, even the most experienced funeral directors will find themselves asking “How can I keep up in this ever-changing market?”

All successful businesses are based on both goals and objectives… Funeral homes are no different. Although a Funeral Director’s number one goal is to serve families with respect and compassion, there are two prominent objectives that, when met, will keep a funeral home from “going under”.

Funeral Directors' Objectives

If your objectives include:

Meeting the needs of today’s families with creative solutions

Today’s families want unique experiences that truly capture the legacy of a life once lived. AP Lazer’s technology makes it easy to cater to the strong desires of your families.

Increasing market share in your community

Why your funeral home over another? Offer unique products and priceless
service that has people talking, and you’ll quickly gain more market share
then your competitors.

Here are six things that you can offer with your AP Lazer that will instantly help you reach these objectives and impact the success of your business:

Personalized Cremation Memorials 

Although the cremation rate continues to rise, that doesn’t mean your business has to suffer. Take advantage of the rising trend by providing a variety of personalization options for your cremation memorials. Provide one-of-a-kind memorials that speak to the heart of families choosing cremation.

Utilize our free Cremation Toolkit to showcase the many personalization options available for cremation memorials.

Timeless Tribute Memorials

Imagine the look on a family’s face when they see images of their loved one engraved onto a black granite canvas. Regardless if a family is choosing cremation or a traditional burial, use AP Lazer to create a memorial that will tell a timeless life story.

See how one customer uses their AP Lazer to help families heal in a heartfelt way:

Add a Memorable Touch to Caskets

Even though the cremation rate is surpassing traditional burial, there is still a need for caskets and coffins for those being buried or having an open-casket visitation. Differentiate your funeral home with laser engravings on caskets to build a strong market advantage over your competition.

Laser Engraved Casket

Memorialize Beloved Pets

The lack of memorialization options for furry friends is surprising, especially when you consider how large the industry is Expect repeat business and lots of word-of-mouth referrals when you enter this fast-growing market.

Laser Engraved Pet Memorials

Offer Keepsakes Worth Keeping

Today’s families want something to keep that is meaningful to them and serves as a reminder of their loved one. What better tool than an AP Lazer to create and personalize the dozens of keepsake gifts available for families looking for an added touch of remembrance.

Laser Engraved Memorial Gifts

Boost Your Urn Sales

Use AP Lazer to boost your urn sales by adding a laser engraving to commemorate the life of a loved one. Offering complimentary personalization to an otherwise generic urn has the potential to triple your urn sales.

Laser Engraved Urns

Give Back to Your Community

As a funeral director, you’re heavily vested in your community. Whether you’re making a donation or honoring service members in your community, AP Lazer will help you give back to the members of your community while remaining at the forefront of their minds.

When you can offer all of these services, an amazing thing happens.

Along with all of the priceless products you’re creating, you’re also giving everyone in your community something to talk about.

“I was at Joe Smith’s funeral yesterday, and you should have seen that casket!” 

“Did you hear about XYZ Funeral home? They donated a beautiful laser engraved bench to the park.”

“XYZ Funeral home provided all of the awards for the Firefighter’s Memorial Dinner.”

This is the stuff worth talking about. This stuff matters to your community and it should matter to you, too.

Reaching These Goals is Closer Than You May Think

A laser is a versatile tool that can provide your business with endless opportunities. If you are looking for creative ways to meet the needs of today’s families while increasing market share in your community, a laser is your answer. You can turn ordinary products into meaningful memories that are cherished for generations to come.

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