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Stunning Home Décor to Create with Your AP Lazer

Stunning Home Decor-AP Lazer

There is nothing more exciting than bringing your ideas to life. Or should we say, “to your doorway!”. With AP Lazer’s versatile and powerful online outreach, we all get giddy watching #aplazer on Instagram with just the push of a button. In this blog, you will able to transcend the barriers and make realities out of every dream decoration for your home/enterprise. We know that sharing it can often be the best part. That’s why we are here to help you show off your creativity and laser skills in the best light possible, even in terms of home décor. Get ready for these amazing eye candy ideas which can transform your special residence/workplace into an extra special habitat.

Here are some of the following applications of AP lazer in Home Décor market:

Tik-Tok Clock

Laser engraved clocks provide a more unique way to tell time and make digital clocks a thing of the past. You can use your AP Lazer to engrave/cut this hot ticket item for clients such as that of your local restaurants, coffee houses, offices, and even your own home to get your name out there in the DIY/craft world. Laser engraved clocks can range anywhere from $30-$80+ depending on the complexity of the design. This is a high-profit margin opportunity for any laser-owned businessman.

Laser Cut Clock

One-Of-A-Kind Wall Art

The sky is the limit when it comes to design wall art. Any artistic idea circling in your head could be brought to life with the AP Lazer machine. Various types of wood or acrylic are generally used to make your vision into reality. You can either get inspiration from the mind-blowing artists in the same market or check our top laser cutting and engraving files websites to find the perfect fit for your workplace.

Laser Cut Wall Art

Catchy Key Holder

Nothing catches anyone’s eyes better than an attractive key holder with your customized message on it. Keyholder signs could be a representative symbol of what do you care about or whom do you care about. Any artistic pursuit taking care of every little detail will find application in numerous commercial businesses, as well as private homes. All of this just possible because of innovation in AP Lazer technology.

Catch Key Holder

Charming Sign Boards

f you are looking for a laser for engraving and/or cutting acrylic, wood or other materials often used in the signage industry, you’ve just hit the jackpot. Designing signage provides plenty of opportunities for your creative side to shine and put your stamp of originality on each piece. Not only can a laser cut dozens of materials used for creating indoor and outdoor signs, but it does so with high precision, speed, and quality that other traditional sign making tools simply can’t achieve. You can streamline your sign production with the laser cutter in a very simple way.

Kitchen Wall Decor

Wine and Dine

Another trend we adore is creating laser-cut wine caddies and laser-etched wine glasses. These bottle holders are a booming market with loads of creative applications and one of the best-selling commodities you can think of. Want to see what our customers are creating with the AP Lazer? Join our Facebook community where you can peek into what’s it like owning an AP Lazer.

Lasercut Wine Butler

Cozy Candle Votive

Scented candles are the icing on top of a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you’re having a candlelight dinner with a loved one, curling up with your favorite book, or simply snuggling under a comfy blanket, lighting a candle can instantly transform your space. Using your AP Lazer machine, you can create beautiful items like this in a matter of minutes.

Laser Cut Candle Votive

Garden Stakes

For those who were blessed with a green thumb and enjoy tending to their gardens, the addition of garden stakes can add sparkle to your summer landscape. Garden stakes are used to help and support plant growth by avoiding the spinning of branches and bending of stems. Your AP Lazer machine can help you create these little wood-sticks of joy. Also, make sure to follow the simple maintenance guidelines and wear safety glasses while creating any laser product.

Garden Stakes

Funky Furniture

Use your AP Lazer to add your own personal touch to any piece of furniture, whether it be a design, logo, a name, or some clever saying. After all, some of the most eye-catching items are those that combine style with customization. This concept is the best of both. Let your imagination take over and make this priceless piece into the perfect fit for your client or loved one.

Outdoor Wood Chairs

Lit Lamps

Much like candles, lamps have a way of creating a warm and inviting environment. Give your customers the ability to light up their lives with a custom lamp that also doubles as beautiful décor. Anyone can elevate a simple design by using the AP Lazer machine and engrave breathtaking creations made by your own hands.

It will certainly be a show stopper in any space!

Laser Cut Lamp

Functional Paperweight

What looks smaller might prove to be the mightiest of all. These paperweight customizations along with added functionality could be the one thing your customer never knew they needed. Functional Paperweights provide you the basic feature of a paperweight, as well as ensure that wires for things, such as earbuds, don’t get caught in a tangled mess.

Functional Paperweight

There is no question about it, having an AP Lazer machine can do wonders for your business. It will help you grow and add countless opportunities to your venture. Home Décor is something that can make you the talk of the town because of unique and personalized gift offerings.

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